The main difference and selection between concrete pump and concrete mixer pump


A concrete pump is an independent concrete conveying equipment, generally installed on a truck or trailer. It mainly comprises a power system, a concrete pump, a conveying pipeline, etc. It can convey concrete to various projects such as high-rise buildings, bridges, tunnels, etc., and has the advantages of long conveying distance, large conveying volume, and a high degree of automation.

A concrete mixer pump refers to a device that combines a concrete pump and a mixer. This equipment mixes and conveys concrete simultaneously, which can reduce the equipment’s footprint and installation workload and improve construction efficiency. The advantages of an integrated pump are compact equipment and high flexibility.

Therefore, the main difference between a concrete pump and an integrated pump is whether a mixer is integrated.

When choosing concrete conveying equipment, it is necessary to choose the appropriate equipment according to the specific conditions and needs of the project. If a large amount of concrete needs to be conveyed or the project site is limited, then a concrete pump may be a more suitable choice. If the project is small or concrete mixing is required on-site, then an integrated pump may be more suitable.


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