Electrical Concrete Pump

The Concrete Pumps are concrete transport machines, which are widely used for the construction works in city construction, bridge construction, electric power and other energy source facilities and so on.

Electric trailer-mounted concrete pumps are very popular in cities with high environmental protection requirements and strict grade requirements because of their low noise and clean energy characteristics. However, the use of electric towing pumps requires stable power grid support, so it is not suitable for remote areas lacking power.

Capacity : 40-90m³/h


Product Details

    • 1. Each concrete pump include 100/150m concrete pipes and accessories (clamps, rubbers, cleaning balls, etc.)
    • 2. Control system with local and remote control, Siemens/Omron PLC, Schneider/CHNT electrical components, voltage can be customized.
    • 3. Main hydraulic pump with Kawassaki brand to ensure the concrete pump quality.
    • 4. Hydraulic valves with HUADE brand.
    • 5. Auto greasing to ensure the concrete pump with low maintenance.
    • 6. Adjustable turning wheel for helping workers move the concrete pump easily on site.



HBS concrete pump



Product Features

    • 1. High efficient hydraulic system with new high-speed commutation mode, which makes the pump commutation efficiency increase 12%.
    • 2. Large displacement pumping system makes the suction efficiency increase by 6%, to meet the needs of a variety of working conditions.
    • 3. Overall hydraulic reversing open system has the advantage of high cleanness of hydraulic oil, low oil temperature and small impact on commutation.
    • 4. Advanced S tube valve enjoys the advantages of good sealing, while quick-wear parts are economic and durable, easy to replace.
    • 5. Hydraulic and electrical main components use internationally renowned brands with high reliability.
    • 6. All the motors and diesel engine are famous brand in China.
    • 7. 18months warranty and after-sales system, which can better solve the clients’ worries.

Product Parameter

Model HBS40 HBS50 HBS60 HBS80 HBS90
Max. Theoretic capacity m3/h 40 50 60/46 85/50 90/55
Max, Theoretic pressure Mpa 10 12 13/6.3 15.7/8.6 18/9.3
Motor/Diesel engine power kw 45 55 90 110 110
Max. Theoretic distance Vertical m 120 150 200 250 300
Horizontal m 250 300 500 800 1000
Disribution valve type -- S valve
Hydraulic oil circuit type -- Open Circuit
Specification of concrete cylinder mm Ø160x1000 Ø180x1200 Ø200x1800 Ø200x1800 Ø200x1800
Specification of main oil cylinder mm Ø100x1000 Ø125x1200 Ø140x1800 Ø140x1800 Ø140x1800
Oil tank capacity L 300 300 420 420 580
Hopper capacity L 600 600 600 600 800
Max. Aggregate diameter mm Slick scree: 40 Slick scree: 50             
Scree: 30 Scree: 40
Dimension (LxWxH) mm 4500×1750×1600 4800×1800×1650 5800×2000×1750 5800×2000×1800 6000×2000×1800
Overall weight kg 3200 3500 5500 5800 6500
pulling speed km/h ≤8

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