Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Stabilized soil mixing station is a combination detachable type, and the mixing form is twin-shaft forced continuous type. lt is suitable for the construction of basic materials such as expressway, Class l highway, Class ll highway, urban road, airport, sports field, etc. lt can use quick lime, hydrated lime, soil sand and stone, fly ash, cement and other materials to produce lime stabilized base material, cement stabilized gravel, compacted concrete and other basic materials.

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Product Features

  • 1. WBZ type stabilized soil mixing plant with a transport unit centralized control systems, batching system, mixing, lifting and loading finished materials function, a stop on the use, by a simple drawing or folding, transport just need a truck.
  • 2. WBZ whole series stabilized soil mixing plant twin-shaft compulsory mixing console, the machine uses the overall function of the design, rational distribution, measurement precision, easy maintenance, easy to install, easy to move, fitness stations, and stirred uniform and efficient.
  • 3. The device is suitable for the production of various grassroots stirred stabilized soil material.widely used grade highways, airports, municipal construction, high-speed railway passenger line,especially for multi-point line is long and often limited relocation and site construction.
  • 4. WBZ whole series stabilized soil mixed with plant equipment installation and commissioning fast and rapid, out of the box, put into production quickly.
  • 5. Machine installation without special foundation, just a piece of land compaction, equipment investment and low production costs.

Product Parameter

Stationary Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant
Model WBZ300 WBZ400 WBZ500 WBZ600 WBZ700 WBZ800
Productivity (t/h) 300 400 500 600 700 800
Total Power (kw) 88 105 158 168 179 200
Total Weight (t) 39 41 50 54 63 72
Measuring Mode Computer Measuring
Speed Regulation Mode Frequency Control
Control Mode Semi-auto/Full-auto Mode
Max. Aggregate Size (mm) 60
Measuring Accuracy (%) Aggregate ± 2
Powder ± 1
Water ± 1

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