Dry mix concrete plant

The dry mix Concrete Batching Plant combines aggregate materials such as sand, gravel, and cement in precise measurements. The mixture is discharged into a mixer truck, combined with a measured amount of water, and mixed in the truck on the way to the construction site.

It is convenient in instances where the premixed would need to be transported to a further distance to the construction site.

As the dry concrete batching plant does not include a mixer, it can save a lot of budget compared with the wet mix type.

Capacity : 50-200m³/h


Product Details

  • 1. Easy to installation and commissioning.
  • 2. The batchng machine can be 2/3/4 storage bins and with different capacity.
  • 3. Conveyor belt is costomized with different capacity (width & height).
  • 4. Fully automatic system same with wet mix concrete batching plant.
  • 5. The cement feeding can be cement hopper or cement silos.



Dry mix plant



Product Features

  • 1. Higher production capacity. For a traditional concrete batching plant, it takes us 60 seconds for mixing circle, of which 25 to 30 seconds are used to mix. For dry mix concrete batching plant, we don’t have a mixer, so we can save half the time to get a batch. Output: 50-200 cubic meters/hour.
  • 2. Reduce construction time and improve productivity.
  • 3. Compared with wet mixing equipment, dry concrete mixing plants have lower power consumption.
  • 4. Save costs. Higher output and lower energy consumption since there is no concrete mixer.
  • 5. Like other mixing plants such as mobile and stationary mixing plants, dry mix concrete plants are also fully automatic.
  • 6. Dry concrete mixing station is a popular modern production equipment that continues to play an important role in the development and development of modern roads, bridges and various construction projects.

Product Parameter

Model HZS50D HZS90D HZS120D HZS160D HZS200D
Theoretical productivity 60 M3/h 90 M3/h 120 M3/h 180 M3/h 200M3/h
Batching machine model PLD1600 PLD2400 PLD2400 PLD3200 PLD4800
Feedig mode Belt Conveyor
Batching accuracy Aggregate ≤±2% ≤±2% ≤±2% ≤±2% ≤±2%
Water ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1%
Cement ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1%
Additive ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1% ≤±1%
Discharging height 3.8m 4m 4m 4.2m 4.2m

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