Electrical Concrete Mixer Pump

The Concrete mixing trailer pump is a new type of equipment that combines functions of concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump. It uses fully hydraulic pumping system and is characterized by large concrete filling quantity and stable performance as well as smaller volume and smaller operating space. This equipment is applicable to medium and small size house constructions ranging from 2 floors to 12 floors as well as other various projects such as mine caves, road and railway tunnels, water conservation and hydropower engineering, and slope protection for geological disasters.

Capacity : 30-40m³/h


Product Details

  • 1. Each concrete pump include 100m concrete pipes and accessories (clamps, rubbers, cleaning balls, free spares, etc.)
  • 2. Auto greasing to ensure the concrete pump with low maintenance.
  • 3. The main hydraulic pump adopt to Kawassaki brand.
  • 4. Control system with local & remote control, Siemens/Omron PLC, Schneider/CHNT electric components.
  • 5. The mixer pump adopt to twin tyres, for ensuring the heavy load
  • 6. Adjustable turning wheel help the workers moving easily on site.
  • 7. The machine can pump the concrete self mixed and commercial concrete.
  • 8. Mixing and pumping can work simultaneously.
  • 9. The hydraulic cylinder and concrete cylinder with standard size for ensuring the pumping capacity.



JBS concrte mixer pump





Product Features

  • 1. Adopt Open hydraulic system, which is with stable and reliable performance, low failure rate
  • 2. Integration control for mixing and pumping, wireless remote control which makes operation convenient.
  • 3. Adopt wear-resistant alloy materials for the concrete mixer, prolong the service life
  • 4. Main oil pump. Adopt domestic famous brand Kawasaki series.
  • 5. Lubrication system. Adopt automatic lubrication system, high oil pressure with stable lubrication effect.
  • 6. Power system. Adopt domestic and world famous motor or diesel engine.
  • 7. Control system. Adopt Japan Omron PLC control system, equipped with wireless remote control, makes the operation more flexible and convenient.
  • 8. S valve. Wear-resistant cast iron materials, enjoys the advantages of anti-high pressure and anti-wearing.
  • 9. Concrete piston. Precisely processed by imported material, enjoys the features of hydraulic resistant, wear resistant and high temperature resistant.

Product Parameter

Unit JBS30 JBS40
Theoretical output m3/h 30 40
Max. concrete pumping pressure Mpa 10 10
Power type Motor Motor
Main electric motor kw 37 45
Main oil pump Kawasaki Kawasaki
Main oil pump capacity ml/min 71 112
Theoretical delivery distance m 120/350 160/500
Hopper capacity L 550 550
Max. aggregate diameter mm 20/30 30/40
Inside diameter of delivery pipe mm Φ125 Φ150
Loading capacity of the mixer L 560 720
Unloading capacity of the mixer L 350 450
Mixing motor kw 5.5 5.5
Hoisting motor kw 4.5 4.5
Dimension length x width x height mm 4500x2200x2800 4800x2200x2800
Total weight kg 5000 5500

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