YHZM Mobile Plant

It is a machine for producing concrete in mass and automatically, which occupies small space and is easy to transport. It is possible to transfer the entire mobile mixing plant with 1 or 2 trailers.

Capacity : 25-100m³/h


Product Details

  • 1. Use Cement hopper for easy installation and saving cost, it also can change to cement silo;
  • 2. Drum mixer with Rubber wheel drive, very low noisy and moving smoothly;
  • 3. Belt conveyor feeding to improve the feeding speed & increase working efficiency;
  • 4. With water/cement/additive weighing scales, accurate measurement improves concrete quality;
  • 5. The batching machine and mixer are installed in a same chassis with wheels, for saving working space and improving the movement.



YHZM mobile batching plant



Product Features

  • 1. Quickly mix the concrete mixture evenly,compared with ordinary mobile batching and mixing plant, it has a compact structure;
  • 2. Drum type batching plant installations are very easy to use and maintain on site;
  • 3. Easy to move the machine as the plant comes with mobility and towing arrangement;
  • 4. Cheaper than the ordinary one which can help save customers budgets;
  • 5. Digital load cell based weighing of cement and aggregate while water and additive is based on timer based accurate discharge system.

Product Parameter

Model YHZM25-2 YHZM35-3 YHZM50-3 YHZM75-3 YHZM100-4
Theory capacity m³/h 25 35 50 75 100
Discharging height mm 1300
Total power kw 42 46 60 67 77.5
Total weight T 12 13 14 15 26
Mixing System Model of Mixer JZM500 JZM750 JZM1000 JZM1500 JZM2000
Mixing motor kw 4.5KW*2 5.5KW*2 11KW*2 11KW*2 15KW*2
Discharging volume L 500 750 1000 1500 2000
Aggregate System Batching machine PLD800-2 PLD1200-3 PLD1600-3 PLD2400-3 PLD3200-4
Aggregate Storage 4m³×2 5.5m³×3 6m³×3 8.5m³×3 14m³×4
Max. Aggregate Dia mm 60/80
Measurement System Cement weighing kg 500 500 560 900 1200
Water weighing kg 220 220 220 330 400
Additive weighing kg 30 30 30 40 50
Trailer Speed Km/h 40-60 40-60 40-60 40-60 40-60
Optional cement silo T 50/100 50/100 50/100 50/100 50/100

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