Philippines HZS120 concrete mixing station export installation and commissioning


In March 2023, we successfully exported a set of HZS120 mixing station to the Philippines, and completed the installation and commissioning in July 2023. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering high-quality concrete solutions globally.

In order to meet the strict requirements of the Philippine construction industry, our factory carefully designed and manufactured the HZS120 mixing station, using SICOMA MAO3000/2000 mixer to ensure the best performance and reliability.


Equipped with advanced features such as precise batching control, high-throughput production capabilities and robust construction, the HZS120 plant exceeds expectations by delivering consistent high-quality concrete for a variety of applications.

Throughout the installation and commissioning process, our professional team works closely with customers to ensure smooth operation and customer satisfaction. The successful deployment of the HZS120 concrete batching plant highlights our commitment to excellence and our ability to deliver innovative solutions that drive success in the global construction industry.


The success of this project also demonstrates our position as a trusted partner for global concrete batching plant solutions. We look forward to continuing our journey of excellence and providing quality services to our customers around the world.



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