Installation and Commissioning of HZN75 Concrete Batching Plant in Thailand for Precast Component Manufacturing


In a recent project in Thailand, Hengyuan successfully installed and commissioned a customized HZN75 concrete batching plant, designed specifically for the production of precast elements.

Our team works closely with customers in the early stages and communicates in depth. With our rich experience and skilled technology, two sets of HZN75 mixing stations were customized to seamlessly integrate into the customer’s production process and optimize efficiency.


The main customized features of the HZN75 concrete batching plant include:

Precise batching control: Implement advanced batching controls to ensure concrete is mixed accurately and consistently to meet the stringent quality standards required for precast element manufacturing.

Planetary mixer: The mixing station uses a vertical shaft planetary mixer to ensure the mixing quality of concrete used in precast production.

Aggregate feeding system: The capacity of the batching machine is increased according to the requirements of the end customer, and a small batching machine is selected to feed the large batching machine through an inclined belt.

Customized paint: The entire site is painted with epoxy resin, and the paint film thickness is greater than 120micro.


After careful planning, customization and collaborative efforts, the installation and commissioning of Thailand’s HZN75 concrete mixing plant was successfully completed and exceeded the customer’s expectations. The plant’s ability to consistently deliver precise, high-quality concrete significantly improves customers’ productivity and competitiveness in the precast market.

This successful project exemplifies our commitment to providing customized solutions that meet our customers’ unique needs, allowing them to achieve their production goals efficiently and precisely. As we continue to innovate and customize our products to meet changing industry needs, we remain committed to delivering superior results and driving success for our customers around the world.



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