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According to the different construction characters choose the right concrete batching plant

Ready-mix concrete is produced by a concrete batching plant, according to the procedures and deliver to the construction site by concrete mixer trucks.

Different types of concrete batching plants

There are mainly 3 types used in different production processes. 

Dry-mix concrete batching plant

Wet-mix concrete batching plant

Semi-wet concrete batching plant

and each type has several combinations. 

It’s very important to choose the right batching plant for the project based on the site situation. 

Compared with other type batching plant, Dry-mix concrete batching plant is a special plant without concrete mixer, and it is more efficient, but it has to be matched with a concrete mixer truck. 

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Composition of Dry mix concrete batching plant

-Batching and dosing machine for aggregate and powder

-Feeding system

-Cement silo

-Control system

-Mixing system(in the mixer truck)

Batching machine is used to collect and supply sand and gravel. Cement silo is used to collect and supply powder material. The feeding system is the bridge connection the aggregate and discharge hopper into mixer. The accuracy of the weighing system determines the amount of mixed materials and therefore has a great impact on the quality of the mix. There is no concrete mixer in the plant, so the mixer trucks are vrey important for the transportation and mixing. The control system is fully automatic, and workers can operate in the control room. 

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Advantages of the Dry-mix concrete batching plant

-Higher capacity and lower energy consumption since no water and concrete mixer

-The combination of dry mix batching plant and mixer truck can increase productiovity and save time.

-Reduce construction time and increase productivity.

-Lower maitenance compared with wet mix batching plant

-Fully automatic

-It has stationary type and mobile type

-If the distance too far from batching plant and construction site, it’s the best choice for the dry-mix batching plant

-Dry mix concrete batching plant is widly used in roads, bridges and varous construction projects. 


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