HZN75 Concrete Batching Plant Successfully Installed and Commissioned for Thai Government’s Precast Project


On September 10, 2023, we exported two sets of HZN75 concrete mixing plants to Thailand, and successfully completed installation and commissioning in February 2024.

Known for its efficient, reliable and precise concrete production, the HZN75 concrete batching plant was carefully installed and commissioned to meet the stringent requirements of the Thai government’s precast projects. With its cutting-edge technology and rugged construction, this batching plant promises to deliver high-quality concrete for a variety of precast applications, ensuring durability and structural integrity with every construction.


One of the key highlights of the HZN75 concrete batching plant is its advanced automation features that streamline the production process and increase productivity while maintaining excellent quality control. The batching station is equipped with a precise weighing system, automatic mix control and sophisticated monitoring mechanisms to provide unparalleled concrete recipe accuracy, ensuring consistency and uniformity in every batch produced.

Additionally, the HZN75 concrete batching plant is designed with versatility to accommodate a wide range of concrete mix proportions customized to specific project requirements. Whether high-strength concrete for structural components or specialist mixes for building elements, batching plants provide customized solutions to meet different construction needs, facilitating the realization of innovative and complex designs envisioned by architects and engineers. .

In addition, precast concrete elements manufactured using the HZN75 concrete batching plant offer many advantages, including faster construction times, reduced on-site labor requirements, and enhanced structural performance. This means cost savings, minimizing environmental impact and improving overall project delivery, in line with the Government’s objectives of promoting sustainable development and promoting economic progress.


In summary, as Chinese products continue to advance technologically, investments in cutting-edge equipment such as the HZN75 mixing plant will play a key role in shaping the future of the construction industry.



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